Stone & dirt are products of nature. Therefore color and size may vary from load to load. Concrete products are man-made and can also vary in color from batch to batch. As a general rule, you should order all of the material you need at the same time.

Are you hiring?

We always accept applications. Drop in to one of stores and fill out an application. We also post active jobs on our Facebook page.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver locally and regionally. Typically, same-day or next-day delivery for in-stock items. Special orders can take longer. Contact our store for more info.

Do you sell mulch?

Yes, we sell shredded cypress mulch in natural color, died red, died brown; Pine Bark Nuggets in fine, small, mini and large. We also sell in bags for your convenience.

Do you sell pavers?

Yes, we stock standard Tremron paver colors and styles. We can get any Tremron item fairly quick. We can also get Old Castle products as special order items.

Do you sell stepping stones?

Yes, natural flagstone. At this time, we do not carry concrete stepping stones. Natural stone will last much longer than concrete and provide a long-lasting, natural look.

Do you sell pond kits?

No. But, we do sell the basic materials needed to build one including pond liner, underlayment and stone.

Do you sell cultured stone?

No, because we sell 100% natural stone. Cultured stone is a concrete product and loses its look and color rapidly. Natural stone will last for centuries.

Should I use landscape fabric (weedmat) under mulch?

To prevent weeds, if you wish. However, wood mulch will compost over time leaving the fabric buried in the resulting soil. We always suggest using stone over weedmat for long-term installations.

What is concrete roadbase for?

Roadbase is used as a sub-base for driveways, patios and walkways to provide heavy duty, long-term support for the surface.

What is the best thing to use to cut stone or concrete?

A diamond blade on a circular saw or a worm-drive saw.

What stone should I use to make borders with?

Belgian blocks and TN Strip rubble both make good strong borders for beds and walkways. We also offer vinyl edging, alluminum edging and concrete bullet edgers.

How much does a bag of mortar cover?

The Stone Veneer Mortar covers approx 15 Sq. Ft. at 1/2" thick.

How big of an area does a bag of mulch cover?

A 3 Cubic Ft bag will cover 14.4 Sq. Ft. at 2-1/2" deep or 12 Sq. Ft. at 3" deep. A 2 Cubic Ft. bag will cover 9.6 Sq. Ft. at 2-1/2" deep or 8 Sq. Ft. at 3" deep.

How big of an area does a bag of rock cover?

1/2 Cubic Ft. bag of stone will cover 2.4 Sq. Ft. at 2-1/2" deep or 2.0 Sq. Ft. at 3" deep.